1929 - De Havilland (Canadian air-craft company) establishes its first buildings at Downsview Park. De Havilland was purchased by Boeing in 1988, then Bombardier in 1992 and then Aviation Capital 2019 where the De Havilland name was restored. 

1930’s - Plane models assembled at the De Havilland plant include Cirrus Moths, Gypsy Moths and Moth designs. 

1950’s - De Havilland moves its operations to facilities at the southeast portion of the lands.

1994-1995 - The federal government decommissions the Canadian Forces Base Toronto and announces that a substantial portion of the site be set aside for the creation of a large urban green space dedicated to recreational and broader public use. The green space is surrounded by several parcels designated for development and intended to surround the park with integrated future communities. 

1999 - In 1999, the federal government created a quasi-governmental body called Parc Downsview Park (PDP). PDP was created to replace the Canada Lands Company’s responsibility of the park, which subsequently did not last long. PDP’s mandate was to oversee the implementation of Tree City, financing, and operation of Downsview Park. PDP also attempted to be transparent with the broader community, meaning that on a quarterly basis, it released reports on financing and any progress that they had made.

May 26, 2000 - Downsview Park finalizes an international design competition to realize its vision for an urban green space; eventually selecting Bruce Mau’s “Tree City.” The design concept links current living conditions to the reality of an urban public realm for the 21st century. 

July 1, 2012 - As the initial phase of Downsview Park is officially opened, Canada Lands company reacquires ownership of both Downsview Park and Downsview Lands, with a mandate to implement the City of Toronto’s approved secondary plan for the area. 

June 2016 - Stanley Greene represents the first of the Downsview Lands neighbourhoods to begin redevelopment. Site servicing has been completed and home construction has begun. 

June 2019 - Canada Lands Company hosts the first open house sessions and pop-up events to share information about the planning process for the new William Baker neighborhood and to seek ideas, input and aspirations to inform the district plan. 

May 2020 - Round one of id8 consultations.

July 2020 - November 2020 - Round two of id8 consultations.  

May 12, 2021 - Allen District community consultation meeting

Summer 2021 - Round three of id8 consultations to be held.  

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