Downsview Survey

Priority Area #1: Good Jobs and Inclusive Economic Opportunities

“Good jobs that pay a living wage and provide opportunities for upward mobility in planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations of the project.”

  • Living wage and fair wage standards for all workers 
  • 50% target for equity hiring including Black, Indigenous and people of colour 
  • 25% target for local hiring through establishing local hiring pathways and opportunities with a focus on local neighbourhood improvement areas 

10% of all construction and craft working hours, on a trade-by-trade basis, to be performed by apprentices from equity deserving communities

Priority Area #2: Social Procurement Opportunities

“Social procurement is defined as when organizations use their purchasing of services and goods towards generating positive social and economic value.

It is important to create robust procurement strategies, provide access to commercial spaces at an affordable rate, create business development programs while also setting targets.”

  • 10% social procurement target through purchasing goods and/or services from local businesses, social enterprises and businesses that are owned by persons who identify as Indigenous, Black or Persons of Colour.

Priority Area #3: Neighbourhood Improvements

“Commit to sustainable, affordable inclusive communities through neighbourhood improvements such as affordable child care centres, public community centres and community spaces, public parks and affordable recreation spaces, investments in social infrastructure and initiatives to address food insecurity.”

Priority Area #3A: Affordable Housing

“According to the 2021 census data, one in three of Toronto’s homeowner and renter households experienced affordability issues and almost one in five Toronto households were in core housing need that identifies households that were in need of some form of housing assistance.”

  • On public land, 30% affordable housing and ownership in each phase of development with 50% of that being deeply affordable or Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) for a minimum of 99 years
  • On private land, 20% affordable housing and ownership in each phase of development with 50% of that being deeply affordable or Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) for a minimum of 99 years.
  • Partnerships with developers who have a record of building affordable housing, public housing entities, non-profit and cooperative housing providers and/or community land trusts.

Priority Area #3B: Affordable Commercial Spaces

“Affordable commercial and retail spaces are typically defined as spaces that are used for community, professional or business related activities/purposes at below market rates. Maintaining these affordable spaces can ensure that non profits, small businesses and vendors can continue to afford to stay, deliver services, programs and businesses can keep prices affordable for customers.”

  • Ensure access to affordable below market rate commercial and micro retail space opportunities are available to social enterprises and Black, Indigenous or racialized businesses across all phases of development
  • Each phase of development at Downsview should ensure at least 70,000 square feet of non-residential gross floor area to be dedicated at affordable rates
  • Affordability should be set at least 25% below market rates

Priority Area #4: Environmental Sustainability

“Ensure environmental sustainability that supports: A ‘just transition’ for jobs and careers, green building design and materials, sustainable micro mobility initiatives, preserves public parks and open spaces for culturally appropriate community-led initiatives.”

Priority Area #5: Monitoring and Accountability

“A commitment by each landowner to sign a Community Benefits Framework with TCBN that ensures a Community Benefits Agreement for each phase of development at Downsview.”

  • Frameworks would commit to including measurable targets in development contracts and a commitment to ongoing monitoring, tracking, public reporting and community oversight in each phase of development.


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