TCBN - Downsview Community Benefits Meeting - January 17 @3:00-4:30pm

  • On Monday January 17 from 3 - 4:30 p.m. Toronto Community Benefits Network hosted a Downsview Community Benefits Meeting.
  • The meeting provided updates on the Downsview Lands development process presented by Ian Hanecak (Northcrest Developments) and David Anselmi (Canada Lands Company).  
  • The second portion of the meeting covered information TCBN's Downsview Community Benefits Committee including on how to objectives and key information in addition to how to express interest and access the Google Form
  • Click here to access the presentation 
  • Click here to access Northcrest Development's and CLC's portion of the presentation

TCBN - Downsview Community Benefits Discussion - November 10 @1:00-2:30pm

  • On Wednesday November 10 at 1pm, TCBN and SPT hosted a community benefits discussion on the Downsview Lands Development.
  • The discussion provided an overview and updates on the Downsview Lands Development, including information on the OPA application that was submitted, followed by a mapping exercise and ending with a next steps discussion.
  • Click here to access the presentation

TCBN - Downsview Community Benefits Information Session - July 27 @4pm

  • On Tuesday July 27th at 4pm, TCBN hosted an online information session on the Downsview Lands Development, while also highlighting our campaign on getting a Community Benefits Agreement as part of the development. 
  • The session provided information on the development background and key stakeholders, while the TCBN portion of the presentation explained the work of TCBN and the importance of Community Benefits Agreements. Representatives from Northcrest and Canada Lands were also present to answer questions.
  • Click here to access the presentation


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