The Downsview Lands development is a current and upcoming project in North York that comprises five neighbourhoods designated as the Stanley Greene, William Baker, Sheppard, Chesswood and Allen neighbourhoods. The lands themselves are owned by three key stakeholders - the Canada Lands Company, Northcrest Developments and CreateTO (through the City of Toronto)

In addition to the five neighbourhoods, the departure of Bombardier (Downsview Airport will be vacating the lands in 2023), availability of the airport lands and transit investments in the area have positioned Downsview lands as key areas for growth and development while drawing the interest of local residents in the surrounding area in addition to key stakeholders from the public/private sector, neighbourhood/residents groups and other stakeholders in education, health and the environment. There is a consultation process undertaken by Northcrest Developments and the Canada Lands Company through id8Downsview ( to gain feedback from the community and stakeholders involved/interested with the project. This is a key time to get concerns addressed and for feedback to be put forth, therefore leading to Toronto Community Benefits Network’s involvement in advocating for a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) to be a part of the development.

Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN) is a key local stakeholder with this development and is monitoring its progress closely. Our office is located near Dufferin and Finch, a short walk to Downsview Park.

TCBN believes in equitable and inclusive opportunities for community members from historically disadvantaged communities and equity seeking groups and therefore wants to see a Community Benefits Agreement negotiated for the proposed Downsview Lands developments. Commitments to good jobs, local and equity hiring, training and apprenticeships, social procurement, affordable housing, neighbourhood improvements, environmental protections amongst other community priorities are critical to ensure that these developments prioritize equity, diversity and inclusion.