Downsview Lands is currently in the planning stages for a large-scale mixed use development which will see new housing, retail, commercial and/or institutional uses. With this significant public and private investment, TCBN wants to ensure an equitable planning process and developments that prioritizes equity, diversity and inclusion. 

TCBN would like the Canada Lands Company, Northcrest Developments and CreateTO to negotiate a Community Benefits Agreement for their respective development projects at Downsview.  This includes hard targets and commitments to: 

  • Good jobs and economic opportunities in planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations  
  • Social Procurement to support local businesses, diverse owned businesses and social enterprises 
  • Neighbourhood Improvements like investments in affordable housing, community spaces, parks
  • Environmental Sustainability/Protections of the urban park area and surrounding green spaces, leveraging the land to support food security initiatives
  • Monitoring and Accountability of all commitments made in a CBA and a process to monitor, track and report on outcomes  
We need your support to ensure that the Canada Lands Company, Northcrest Developments and CreateTO commit to building a healthy, diverse and inclusive community by committing to a community benefits agreement. 

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This project is being led by the Toronto Community Benefits Network
Toronto Community Benefits Network is supported by the Metcalf Foundation, Atkinson Foundation, Toronto Foundation, United Way Greater Toronto, Government of Ontario and Government of Canada

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