Planning Process


  • Northcrest and Canada Lands is undertaking a consultation process through "id8downsview." The consultation process involves getting feedback from different stakeholders and the community to shape the lands. 
  • The four main areas of feedback so far are: 
    • Jobs and Employment (Making sure employment is a big part of Downsview’s future and creating neighbourhoods where employees want to live and employers want to locate)
    • Getting Around and Across the Site (Exploring compact neighbourhoods and better east-west/north-south connections for people walking, cycling, driving and using other modes to get around)
    • Parks and Nature (Exploring green streets and open spaces, neighbourhood resilience and climate change adaptation, recreation and public health, biodiverse habitat and more)
    • People and Neighbourhoods (Exploring 15-minute neighbourhoods where everything you need is nearby on foot or by bike and ways that density and transit can work together)

Governmental Jurisdictions:

Federal (Canada)

  • Canada Lands Company: A federal agency that manages surplus federal land for sale or lease.  It is a self-financing Crown corporation which was founded in 1995 and reports to the Parliament of Canada through the Minister of Public Works. After it acquires property, they begin a consultation process by bringing together municipal officials to introduce them to the company and discuss how community consultations will take place. There are three options in Canada Lands Company’s final phase of property development. The first is that they will undertake full development including constructing the buildings (after servicing has been done). Canada Lands will also market and sell the property to builders who will carry out construction consistent with the master plan. The third option is if investment value to Canada Lands sole shareholder is retained, Canada Lands will manage them on behalf of the company (example, Toronto’s CN Tower). 
    • Consultation Process: Currently undertaken by ‘id8downsviewthrough Northcrest Developments and the Canada Lands Company. First and second rounds of feedback have been completed, key concerns can be categorized into 4 different areas: 1 (Jobs and Employment), 2 (Access to and from the site - neighbourhood connections, etc.) 3 (Parks and Nature - environmental protection, inclusion of green/open space), 4 (People and Neighbourhoods - planned communities where transit and infrastructure work together to build a complete and accessible community/space)  
  • Ownership of the airstrip through Bombardier 
  • Federal MP: Ya’ara Saks (Liberal)

Provincial (Ontario) 

  • Provinces regulate land use planning across Canada; Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) - Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) for planning decision making/appeals 
  • Provincial MPP: Michael Kerzner (Conservative)

Municipal (Toronto)

  • One of the challenges facing the municipal level is that since the project is being undertaken by a federal agency (the Canada Lands Company) they have the ability to build and implement without going through municipal processes and policies. 
  • Municipal Services: City planning - shaping cities and communities; presenting plans/policy to councillors to gain support; Services - public transit, opportunities to access clean drinking water, waste removal, public safety and law and order, and recreation.
  • Planning Role/Consultation Process: The City of Toronto Planning Department is in charge of managing the growth and physical planning of the city. They work with stakeholders and other city divisions, while also advising city council when it comes to responsible development, and building communities for the residents of Toronto. 
    • The consultation process for planning applications happens through public consultations on local and city-wide subjects. Notifications are sent out to those in the vicinity of proposed development applications and more information can be found on the city’s consultation site
  • Local Councillor: James Pasternak

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